If Pirates had Wings Saga

Waves slapped against the dock rocking the boats Moored here. The worn slats illuminated by the light escaped the shutters of an old pub. A Heavy Black Iron door with a Red Mermaid adorning it creaked as it was pushed open.  Sweat and cheap booze greeted the weary travelers as they entered its threshold.  A Short Old Man with a round face and belly to match greeted them, wiping his plump hands on a dingy white apron.

“Welcome travelers to the Mermaids tale,” Motioning them to a booth in the corner. “What will be your pleasure?”

“Just bring us ale.” Said the first traveler.

The barkeep left and returned with four mugs of warm ale and left the table counting his money.

“That should buy us some time.” Said the first traveler lifting the mug to his lips.

“Admit it we are lost Kreaven.” Said Mally quietly.

” We are not lost just merely taking a side trip.” Said Kreaven sipping more ale.

“Some sidetrip,” laughed Gren. “How about letting us in on the plan.”

” Good idea Gren.” Agreed Mally. ” Do let us in on this plan of yours.”

“All in good time Mates.” Said Kreaven.”

” You don’t have one.” Grumbled Rain. ” We are lost and our captain is missing.”

Kreaven stared into his mug. “Our captain is most likely dead along with most of the crew.”

“You take that back!” Yelled Mally.

The bar quieted and eyes set upon the booth.

“Keep your voice down girl.” Growled Rain. “We do not need any more attention.

Blushing, Mally sat down and lifted up her mug and tried to pretend to be nonchalant as she sipped from it. The Patrons soon returned to their business and the barkeep was bustling around taking orders and serving drinks.


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