If Pirates had Wings Saga part 2

“We need to find a ship that needs four crew members.” Said Rain.

“That will be easier said than done.” replied Kreaven.

“Got to start somewhere,” Gren butted in.” Need money for food, supplies and travel.”

“I Know.” Said Kreaven flustered. “If you didn’t notice when we came onto the wharf there weren’t any ships larger than fishing vessels.”

Mally wrinkled her nose. “We aren’t fishing are we?”

“If that is all that is available for now.” Commented Rain. “We had better take it.”

Gren nodded in agreement. “Not to keen on fishing but better than nothing.”

“Hang on mates.” Kreaven scowled. ” I am still in charge here till we find our captain and ship.”

“Thought you said our captain be dead and ship lost.” Rain stared at Kreaven intently.

“I said it is possible mate.” Kreaven responded as he set his mug down. ” Be nice to recover the ship by any means.”

“Hmmph.” Growled Rain. “Our captain isn’t even confirmed dead and you already have your eyes on the ship Misery.”

“But if we find the ship. ” interrupted Mally nervously. ” The captain and others could be there, right?”

“Possible.” Said Gren.

Mally looked at her mug, it was almost empty. “We gotta find out where we are first.”

“really?” Kreaven sarcastically replied.

“No need to be rude, the girl is just speaking what is on all our minds.” Snarled Rain.

“Rain, no offence mate but Mally is going to slow us down.” Said Kreaven bluntly looking Rain in the eye.

Mally’s heart skipped a beat when she heard Kreaven mention leaving her behind.

“You”‘ Started Mally.

Rain held up his Hand to Mally to stop her from speaking. “We are not leaving the girl behind.”

“Wouldn’t be right she is part of the crew.” Said Gren.

“I never understood making women part of the crew on a ship. “Complained Kreaven. ” Ain’t right.”

“Our Capt n’ is a woman in case it slipped your mind.” Rain reminded Kreaven.

“If you didn’t notice it didn’t last for very long.” Kreaven replied smugly tilting his mug to his lips.

Rain Looked intently upon Kreaven.” Yes I did notice, I had better not find out if you had anything to do with the attack.”

“Or what?” Kreaven set the mug down. ” If you do anything against me it will be mutiny.”

Rain leaned back into the booth his eyes locked on Kreaven. “We are not leaving the girl behind.”

“Fine.” Kreaven sighed unhappily. ” She is your responsibility then.”

Rain lifted the half empty mug to his lips and leaned back into the booth.

Mally stared into her empty mug noticing the grooves and imperfections of the workmanship.


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  1. Erik Morse Said:

    Great start!!!

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