If Pirates had Wings Saga Part 3

Must make his own mugs she thought running her fingers over it.  The grooves were uneven along the side like a madman at the pottery wheel she mused. Mally glanced about the table and saw how disheveled the others looked, before the realization of the last two days started to settle in.  Mally noticed that Kreaven was watching the patrons and barkeep going about his business.  His dark gray hood was pulled back a little showing bits of  dark brown hair sticking out. He was unshaven and had a scruffy dark beard over a sharp jutted chin.  She didn’t like Kreaven’s brown eyes they were small and close together with a big hawk nose protruding out. Makes him look shady she thought.

“what you staring at girl?” sneered Kreaven.

“Nothin.”  whsipered Mally quickly averting her eyes.

Her face felt hot trying to avert his stare. I really dislike him and can’t wait to find the captain and ship she thought to herself.  Anything to get away from here but first we have to find out where here is. Biting her lip Mally scanned the bar quickly and found the barkeep standing alone at the tap filling mugs of ale.

“Going to freshen up.” Mally slid out of the booth and headed to the barkeep.

“Excuse me.” Mally said standing at the barkeeps side.

“What can I do for ye miss?” He answered pulling the tap and filling a mug.

“Is there a bathroom or a place to freshen up?” Mally asked quietly.

The barkeep chuckled shaking his head. “The head is out back.”

Mally sighed and nodded thanks.

The barkeep paused and feeling sorry for the girl. “wait here missy let me deliver this and see what I can do for ye.”

“thank you.” Mally smiled.

The barkeep nodded his chubby head and walked to the tables delivering more ale to the thirsty customers. He returned wiping his plump hands in his white apron stained from many years of use.

“Now lets see what I can do for ye missy.” The barkeep motioned Mally to follow him.

Mally followed him through wide swinging doors that creaked a little as they swung back and forth.  A waft of stale bread and mustiness met her nose. the backroom was a mix of a small kitchen and living space. This must be where he lives Mally thought.

“Not much but you can use the pot there to clean up.” Smiled the barkeep pointing to a gray bucket.

“Thank you very much.” Said Mally grateful.

Mally walked to the pot it was made of iron she noticed and very old. But the water was clean and tasted nice as she drank some and then splashed some on her face.

Rain watched the barkeep return from backroom. I”ll give her a few minutes he thought before I make sure she is ok. Nothing would make Kreaven happier than to have her disappear. Can’t have that he smiled to himself.



  1. Erik Morse Said:

    Starting to get goo 🙂

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