Squishy Tank

I Entered a  heroic on my Enhance Shaman and the group started off friendly enough and the Paladin tank pulls. Seem to be going ok and the pally has trouble holding threat so I tone down the dps a bit to help out. As we enter combat on our first boss I pull threat a bit  and notice the healer is having trouble keeping the tank alive.  I throw Healing rain down every maelstrom to help out and it keeps my threat down a bit sometimes. We manage to down Rom’ogg  Bonecrusher and before our priest healer can drink the Tank goes running off down the hall and pulls.  So we wait and let the Paladin tank die and of course he gets angry. Tried to explain that you can’t heal without mana and he apologized and we continued on to Corla.

We take our positions as the tank pulls and through Vuhdoo I see that the tank is taking a lot of damage. How is that possible I think he is a Paladin and shouldn’t be taking that much damage. He dies at 35% since the priest has no mana  I drop Healing rain, every maelstrom and some  heals on the rogue and  just blowing what cool downs I have left.  The rogue and I almost down Corla and I decide to check the Paladin tanks gear. I started laughing,  over half his gear is dps and with a sword and shield you wouldn’t really think about checking.  I told the Paladin tank and he said Yeah i know I just started tanking and running heroics to get gear.  Seriously?  Almost no tanking gear what so ever.  Well we tried Corla again and unfortunately He died again and had to replace him.


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