If Pirates had wings Saga part 4

Mally washed up with the water and started to noticed how disheveled  her clothes looked. she found a small mirror with a tarnished silver frame and saw her short brown hair tangled and matted. No wonder the barkeep took pity on me I look awful. Pulling her fingers through the tangles she started smoothing out her hair till it fell straighter about her face. Putting the mirror closer to  inspect her face looked for more smudge marks. That will have to do for now she sighed brushing her hands against her clothes. Mally  pushed the swing door open and she peeked out to see the guys still sitting at the table. moving out of the doorway Mally quickly Walked back to her table and slid in to the old wooden booth next to Rain.

“Feel better?”  Rain asked.

“Yeah was nice to get cleaned up a little.” replied Mally.

Kreaven sneered. “This isn’t a beauty contest girly.”

Mally frowned at Kreaven. ” Just because we are in the middle of nowhere doesn’t mean I have to be uncivilized.”

Kreaven tried to hold back the laughter. “You lived on a ship not much for hygene there he snickered.”

” We still had water.”  Mally retorted.

Rain interrupted.  “Enough kiddies behave or bed without dinner.”

Gren smiled. ” That’s telling em Rain.”

Kreaven glared at Rain. “You stay out of it and….”

The barkeep approached and the converstion was cut short.   “Any thing else I can help ye with?”

“No, we are good.” Answered Kreaven.

“Thank you kind sir.” Said Mally.  “for the use of your water basin.”

“Ye are most welcome missy.”  The barkeep beamed through his chubby face.

Rain handed the barkeep a tip and he nodded thanks and waddled over to another table.

Kreaven leaned forward and hissed. “Quit wasting money.”

“Good to reward folks for  kindness.” Rain answered.

“Thanks.” Said Mally looking at Rain.

Gren piped up. “We should go check out our surroundings.”

“When it is lighter outside.” Said Rain, “Unless you can see in the dark.”

Gren nodded, folded his arms on the table and laid his head down to sleep.

Mally thought about putting her head down for a few winks but her distrust of Kreaven kept her awake. She looked out the  window for a bit and the sun could be seen just peeking over the horizon. Releaved she knew they would be on the move again looking for the ship.

“Looks like we can get moving.” Said Rain. ” the dawn is here.”

Kreaven thumps Gren on the head to wake him.

“Ow.” Gren rubbed his eyes and gave Kreaven a hurt look.

“Time to move lug.” Said Kreaven pushing Gren out of the booth.

Gren shrugged and sauntered to the door.

“Lets move girl.”  Said Rain.

Mally slid out of the booth and walked towards the door pushing it open and was met with salty air and the smell of the ocean waking with the morn.  The ground was a bit soft as she walked to the dock and the 4 climbed up the ramp to leave the harbor. Mally could see fisherman moving along the docks and shore getting ready to set sail. The boats were moored at the docks and the seaman were loading supplies and using pulleys  to get the heavy items aboard. The yellow hue on the horizon shimmered across the water and seagulls flew about the sky looking for free tidbits. The road to the village was rocky and clumped with dirt in the middle with wagon wheels deeply embedded on either side. Red and gold wildflowers covered either side of the road spreading out like wildfire. The hot sun was almost overhead by the time they reached the village.

Mally could smell fresh bread and fish cooking in this small village. Many people bustled about the market stalls and had their wares set out for sale.  Mally stopped at a small stand and was admiring a beautiful red hair ribbon with 3 yellow silk strands and a string of blue colored glass beads.

The shopkeeper smiled. “Such a beautiful lass shouldn’t be without ribbons for her hair.”

Mally blushed. “Thank you but…”

“You must be mistaken sir.” Said Kreaven behind Mally. I don’t see any pretty girls.”

Mally felt like hitting him over the head at that moment and Rain must of noticed and intervened.

“Ignor him girly he has no manners.” Rain made sure Mally stayed by his side as they began their search for information.

Mally realized Gren was missing. “Where is Gren?”

“Following his gut no doubt.” Grumbled Kreaven.

Walking through the market they find Gren at a smoked fish stall.

“There you are.” Said Rain.

Gren smiled and held up some smoked fish. “Pretty good fish here,” offering a piece.

Mally took a piece of the salty fish and it tasted wonderful, melting in her mouth.

“There is no work. Gren said, ” but to the northeast down that road he pointed east is a coastal city about 9 days travel.”

Mally shook her head. It figures the oafish one can get information she laughed to herself.

“You wouldn’t have found out where we are or what the city is called?” asked Kreaven.

“Oh yeah.” said Gren scrathing his head. ” I shoulda asked that to.”

Kreaven clenched his fists and shooed Gren off to find out those answers.  “I swear I am surrounded by idiots he ranted.”

Rain put his hand on Mally’s arm and they walked away.  “Where are you two going?” demanded Kreaven.

Rain turned and smiled at Kreaven. ” Us idiots are getting supplies and information.”

Mally giggled and looked up at Rain who winked at her.


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