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Troll Holidays

Everyone Loves the Holidays and finding that special tree to put in your home is a time honored tradition followed by many. The most daunting task can be Ornament hunting and it will be tricky to find the right ones to adorn your tree. Dragging out that box from storage and dusting off those old shrunken heads and an assortment of bottled treasures is nostalgic and fun with the elders and hearing those stories over and over again. No self respecting  Troll can pass up the traditional hunt for a new ornament or bottled treasure to add to the tree. Markets,  auction houses and other gatherings is a great place to find and follow that perfect head to their home so you can hex and shrink it to hang on the tree.  As for bottled treasures, using your imagination is the key and as you know Trolls love to bottle things.  So have a safe holiday and if you are not a Troll be wary of those checking  you out at the auction house or other gatherings so be smart and pack lots of shiny bottles and trinkets to distract them until the season is over.

Merry Trollmas everyone!