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Guild /pugging a tank in ZG

Ever have those nights when you have everyone on but a tank  in guild so you pug one. We hit up the random  Zandalari heroic and were blessed with ZG. Our Pug tank ended up being an orc warrior and was nice enough, actually typed and chatted with us. Yes people there are still those in pugs that remember how to communicate!  So our dps comprised of a death knight, rogue and Enhanced Shaman (Me) and for heals we had a druid so not to bad a combo. We one shotted all the other bosses until we reached Jin’do the Godbreaker,  and yes ranged would of been nice.  Our tank decides he wants to break open all the chains at once and then dps them down. He also had Lust macro-ed so even though I was out of mana when our healer died or dead myself  he  kept spamming the darn thing. So lets go ahead skip forward to take 6 with the same strategy we are getting tired and the druid healer decides he has to go and we pull in another druid healer from the guild and our Dk has one more attempt in him.  We of course wipe and lose our Dk and pug a warlock well that is who came through the group portal. So our Rogue suggests we do the chains one at a time and no that isn’t a go so 2 more wipes the Tank is miffed and mentions he should of left the first wipe. We convince him to destroy the chains one at a time and we win Yay! I know there are probably those out there critic inking this let me tell you it is a tough fight without a ranged especially when all the adds gather and like healers.  Healers must come pre marinated in a monster liking sauce.


The Tank that will not hold mobs

Yes they exist the annoying I don’t want to hold mobs because I am to busy with the one I have Tank.   I entered the holiday daily Lord Ahune dungeon  with a pug and  the warrior tank grabs a hold of the rock elemental and ignores the rest of the trash.  The other elementals head for the healer and The Shadow priest and I try to keep the mobs off the healer while the other pally dps is yelling at the tank to put up some Aura or something like that.  We get overwhelmed and of course we actually wipe on this easy dungeon boss. The Ret pally pipes up , “well you shoulda had that aura up.” I tell the ret pally that the tank is a warrior he has no pally auras. “Oh.” says the ret pally. “I thought he was a pally being a blood elf, I forgot they could be warriors.” It was funny but the healer left all mad and the shadow priest dc’d so had to replace them.

So take two on the dungeon and the Tank pulls and only grabs the rock guy. The other mobs run for the healer and the dps try to grab them. I ask the tank to grab up the other  mobs before they kill the healer he doesn’t and lets the mobs kill half the dps.  The Ret pally and I get to hang out and watch the chaos. They did manage to down him good thing the healer could root and such ^.^

More pug tank facts in World of Warcraft

[Dungeon Guide] (name withheld) tankign in dps its faster.  (kept original spelling)

Really? In a heroic pug with a healer you don’t know.  Your going to tank in dps gear?  What a brave tank you are declaring that at the beginning of the dungeon and you wonder why you are booted.


Squishy Tank

I Entered a  heroic on my Enhance Shaman and the group started off friendly enough and the Paladin tank pulls. Seem to be going ok and the pally has trouble holding threat so I tone down the dps a bit to help out. As we enter combat on our first boss I pull threat a bit  and notice the healer is having trouble keeping the tank alive.  I throw Healing rain down every maelstrom to help out and it keeps my threat down a bit sometimes. We manage to down Rom’ogg  Bonecrusher and before our priest healer can drink the Tank goes running off down the hall and pulls.  So we wait and let the Paladin tank die and of course he gets angry. Tried to explain that you can’t heal without mana and he apologized and we continued on to Corla.

We take our positions as the tank pulls and through Vuhdoo I see that the tank is taking a lot of damage. How is that possible I think he is a Paladin and shouldn’t be taking that much damage. He dies at 35% since the priest has no mana  I drop Healing rain, every maelstrom and some  heals on the rogue and  just blowing what cool downs I have left.  The rogue and I almost down Corla and I decide to check the Paladin tanks gear. I started laughing,  over half his gear is dps and with a sword and shield you wouldn’t really think about checking.  I told the Paladin tank and he said Yeah i know I just started tanking and running heroics to get gear.  Seriously?  Almost no tanking gear what so ever.  Well we tried Corla again and unfortunately He died again and had to replace him.

Healing in Voa

In Voa healing with my Priest and we wipe the second time on the fire boss. The tanks are a bit squishy so we tell them to kite the boss around the room in a circle to get out of the fire.

We begin again and when the fire lands on the ground the tanks start running around the boss in a circle killing the raid with the fire spit. ^.^ silly tanks